Environmental Law and Management Association

"providing a platform for a unified and informed approach to protect our environment"  

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Welcome! to ELMA

Mission:To create and implement legal and management structures and mechanisms that will promote environmental protection, reform and sound policy in a democratic and free market society. 

 Critical environmental concerns in Nigeria today:

  • Ignorance, and lack of awareness of environmental challenges
  • Climate change-Drought and flooding
  • Air pollution, especially in urban areas
  • Deforestation, loss of biodiversity
  • Freshwater availability
  • Degradation of soil and vegetation
  • Widespread poverty


ELMA member participated at the just concluded 3rd UNITAR-Yale Conference on Environmental Justice, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA;http://conference.unitar.org/yale2014/sites/conference.unitar.org.yale2014/files/2014%20UNITAR-Yale%20Conference-Stephen%20Turner%20Climate%20Change%20Governance.pdf

Some pictures from the conference:

Opening ceremony at Faculty of Law, Yale University!


A session at Dept of Forestry, Yale University!

Another session with Sam looking at the Camera

One of the Participants, Jesse of WRI.

For paper discussed by ELMA director, Sam Erugo, go to:http://conference.unitar.org/yale2014/sites/conference.unitar.org.yale2014/files/2014%20UNITAR-Yale%20Conference_Erugo.pdf

Have you considered what actions or in-actions on your part that contribute to these and other concerns on our environment?

What can we do to contain these?

Join us  in looking for solutions:

Our blog: envlawmanass.blogspot.com; http://elma-ng.cfsites.org.

Here we all find roles to play to make living more pleasurabe and preserve the environment for the future generation.

Environmental Law and Management Initiative is registered in Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 24554)as a not-for-profit, non governmental advocacy section  of the Environmental Law and Management Association.